Queensmill at Fulham Cross Academy 

Established in 2013, Q4 resource base is a provision for secondary aged students with a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder. The resource base model is rooted in the idea of holistic and inclusive educational practice where student wellbeing is regarded as the highest priority.The Q4 resource base is extremely well positioned being physically based in a large dedicated space on the Fulham Cross Academy site at Kingwood Road, SW6. Fulham Cross Academy is a highly regarded STEM secondary school that is community focused and has a strong ethos of inclusion for all.

To this effect, the Q4 resource base students are dual-registered and are a valued part of both Queensmill and Fulham Cross Academy. Staff members in the resource base are employed and trained by Queensmill School. They are dedicated specialists who are able to support students with their curriculum-based learning and with the development of their social-communication and emotion regulation skills. Every student is a part of both a Queensmill resource base classroom and a mainstream form group. This enables students to access highly differentiated and personalised curriculums within their resource base classrooms, while enjoying the benefit of interactions with mainstream peers in other lessons, at lunch-time and at break.

The partnership between the two schools allows Q4 students to access mainstream lessons, resources and subject specialist teachers on a regular basis. The type and amount of mainstream inclusion a student will access is based on the student’s interests, academic abilities and self-regulation skills. Student and parental preference along with the student’s independence skills also play a role in making decisions about inclusion. Some Q4 students attend mainstream lessons with the goal of developing subject knowledge and social interaction, where others may be working towards qualifications in GCSEs, BTech or Functional skills.

In addition to mainstream teaching, Q4 students have plenty of opportunity to be taught by Queensmill specialist teachers in areas such as Art, Music, Drama, PE and Yoga. The Q4 resource base then provides a highly creative and supportive environment where all diversity is celebrated and pupils make meaningful progress with the support from both Queensmill and Fulham Cross Academy.

Recently, our neighbouring Q5 site, which provided specialist education for secondary aged girls with a diagnosis of Autism, has merged with that of Q4. Having now completed their first term at the Queensmill resource base at Fulham Academy, the transition has proved successful for the girls and all students are enjoying making new friendships. All Queensmill students at the Q4/Q5 resource base continue to make excellent progress with their personalised outcomes. The fusion of tailored curriculum learning, access to inclusion and Autism-specific support means each student’s needs are met holistically.

If you have any questions regarding Q4/Q5 @ Fulham Cross Academy please contact Queensmill School by phone on 02087408112 or email on office@queensmill.lbhf.sch.uk